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How To Perform The Vertical Leg Crunch Properly

How To Perform The Vertical Leg Crunch Properly

One exercise that you can’t forget to consider including in your abdominal workout routine is the vertical leg crunch. The vertical leg crunch is one movement that will help get you get fast results because it is quite different from the other exercises that you might be choosing to perform.

Some people don’t go about performing the vertical leg crunch properly however, so in this article we’re going to not only discuss how to do it correctly, but how to add it into your workout routine for best results as well.

How To Perform The Vertical Leg Crunch Verticle Leg Crunch

The vertical leg crunch exercise is quite basic and straightforward. You’re essentially going to get yourself into a position where your back is down on the ground and the legs are extended upwards towards the ceiling.

You can cross your feet if you find this most comfortable (and most people do), or you can keep them side by side if you prefer. The important thing is that the legs are extended. A slight bend is okay but they should be looking more straight than bent overall.

Once in this position, you’re simply going to place the hands beside the head or across the chest and then crunch upwards like you would a standard abdominal crunch.

Hold the position briefly at the top to ensure maximum abdominal muscle contraction, and then relax the muscles, allowing the upper body to move back to the floor.

Continue repeating the process until all reps have been performed.

Verticle Leg CrunchVariations Of The Vertical Leg Crunch

Once you have the basic vertical leg crunch down, you can begin adding variations.

The first variation is to crunch to the side. You’ll still maintain the same position with the legs only this time rather than moving directly forwards, you’ll move to the side of the body instead.

Another variation is the reverse vertical leg crunch. With this one, rather than lifting the upper body off the ground, you’re going to be lifting the lower body up off the ground instead.

You’ll think of rising the bum up off the floor as high as you can, pausing briefly at the top of the exercise. From there, lower back down again to complete the rep.

Finally, you can also perform alternating vertical leg crunches where you scissor kick the legs, crunching with each leg exchange. This will get the lower abs working more intensely, really giving your core a maximum workout experience.

Adding The Vertical Leg Crunch To Your Workout Routine Verticle Leg Crunch

To add these to your workout program, you can either do them as part of your standard abdominal workout routine, or if you prefer, add them in between the sets of other exercises you complete. Many people enjoy going this route as it allows them to better make use of their downtime in the gym, shortening up their workout sessions.

So keep these points in mind about the vertical leg crunch. Give it a try next time you’re doing an abdominal workout in your gym.

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