The more stories I hear at the gym or online, the more they are beginning to sound like horror stories. Often it’s a story of a massive cycle with no

Carl:  I actually thought about wearing hockey shin guards because my shin gets so banged up. It’s funny because when I told Alisa I probably won’t be deadlifting much any

The Get Strong Show: Mastering the Deadlift Carl:  Welcome back to Super Human Radio. We have a great show planned today. We’ll be joined by Coach Wade Johnson as we

Maintaining digestive health can be a constant struggle for anybody, especially the bodybuilder with high caloric needs. This comes as no surprise, as we have recently been bombarded with more

Imagine an androgenic muscle builder that solely focused on enhancing skeletal muscle tissue, that did not cause unwanted hypertrophy to cardiac muscle tissue, or to the prostate. With a SARM

Having tried dozens of pre workout products over the past few years, it’s hard for many to truly stand out and catch my attention the way that Nitramine has. The